N'importenawak in Chaumont
N'importenawak is a series of posters on the theme of “Anything Goes”: assert on Monday, retract on Tuesday, delete on Wednesday, boast on Thursday, fill oneself on Friday. Whatever. Anything goes. Be large, contain multitudes and contradict yourself boldly. Confuse others and plough your own furrow. We'll be witnessing a typographical bonfire of vanities and assertions, a poetic tribute to street posters.
On 24 May, for 10 hours non-stop, in front of the Chaumont train station, posters have been applied to a cube consisting in four 3 x 4 panels, creating direct confrontation between the images and the assertions.
Over the 10 hours, the complete series of posters has been put up at a rate of 4 posters per hour, which means that each poster will be on undisturbed display for 30 minutes. This will be followed by a second wave, twice a week for the entire duration of the Festival: a set of 4 posters will be put over the previous ones, to reach out and catch the interest of the general public. N'importenawak was also presented at the Place de la Madeleine in Paris during the"Nuit Blanche 2007".