la publication Qui ? Résiste
#14 général facilitation
14th issue of Qui? Résiste, general facilitation
What is it? Let's read the cover: "an unclassifiable work of grammatically linguistic and obviously novelistic poetry with a performative tendency towards linguistics". It is to be read while roaring with laughter. The central topic is "general facilitation". The book introduces “Fasil”, which is not a typeface but a simplified way of writing in French. After presenting this orthographic reform proposal and its consequences in detail, we move on to the practical work.
This ussue gathers proposals from more than twenty contributors, all of whom have accepted that their text be "facilitated" and have participated very actively to this process. Poetry, novel, performance, theatre and linguistics rub against one another and flirt with the unclassifiable. Grammar gets dizzy, syntax finds its axis.
With the participation of Stéphane Mallarmé, Nicolas Boileau, Raymond Devos, Clotilde Mollet, Loo Hui Phang, Laure Limongi, Wajdi Mouawad, Ivana Müller, François Deck, Pierre di Sciullo, Myriam Suchet, Thierry Chancogne, Frédéric Paul, Garance Dor, Luc Soriano, Laurent Colomb, Garance di Sciullo, Cécile Babiole and Anne Laforêt, David Poullard and Guillaume Rannou, Guillaume Pô, Francesca Cozzolino.