• affiche de l'exposition
• Générique de début
• 9 de pique
• À-ce-qu'on-dit
• Écrire en grand
• Verres à chanter
• Toile de Jouy
• Pousse-pousse à onomatopées
• Boîtes de coffrets
• Des briques pour l'autarcie
• Chicken troy
• Dolalaré
• Générique de fin
Writing aloud
contemporary art center, Ferme du Buisson, Noisiel, France – 2 april > 3 july 2005
The exhibition explored the the encounter of the writing, the voice and space.
To write with high voice, that is intended mainly here in three manners:
• To incarnate the verb in the letter or to trace the text towards the word, its sound projection, while thinking for example of the theatre, poetry, the song when they concerned with image of the text;
• To write into large in does physical space, when the text change scale and comes to be next to the body of the reader
• To integrate the writing into plastic creation like an element determining, necessary, vital, it is to speak within the picture.