Champollion Museum
The 1,000-letters facade - polyglot typographic latticework panel
The Champollion Museum of Figeac, Champollion's native town, has opened its doors, improved and extended, in july 2007. At the background of the historical front, this glass and copper facade will be a sign made of a sign multitude which indicates that a world of scriptures is to be discovered into the building. In each window a different writing system appears . For the passer-by, this is the scriptures museum. For the visitor it's a free way of initiation which does not mix up with the museum program. From the inside, the town is viewed through the letters of this polyglot typographic latticework panel.
architect : Alain Moatti
exhibition designers : Atelier Pascal Payeur
graphic design : with Livia Marchand
Thanks to Sylvie Chokroun to the Nathan, Jean-François Porchez to the Ambroise, David Poullard to the Ordinaire and Andrea Tinnes to the Géorgien